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Father Arthur Poulin is a Camaldolese monk, priest, and artist living at Incarnation Monastery, Berkeley, California. He holds a degree in fine arts from Loyola University.

Father Poulin's paintings have been extensively acquired by people living in his native California as well as throughout the U.S., and internationally. His paintings echo the Impressionists, yet he has developed his own original style. His landscape paintings reflect the stunning beauty, harmony and unity of creation, deep values that need to be celebrated and shared today.

Father Poulin's works continue to be widely published as cards, covers of books, magazines, journals, and CDs. He also gives retreats and presentations on the spirituality of creativity and the creative process.

From 2006 to 2012, Father Poulin exhibited at the I. Wolk Gallery located in St Helena, Napa Valley. During June and August of 2015, he exhibited at the Robert Mondavi Winery also in the wine country. With the establishment of this new website, he now exhibits exclusively at Incarnation Monastery in Berkeley and enjoys working with people who wish to see his paintings that are still available or to commission a new one.

PLEASE NOTE: Father Arthur is scheduled to have an exhibit at Robert Mondavi Winery  on August 7, 2017. For more information see NEWS.

The art critic Sister Wendy Beckett has written regarding Father Poulin's work: "It is intense and strong, with a pure clear inner radiance that is a silent witness to your vocation."